Men’s Cock Ring: Size and Performance Improvement
How to Choose the Best and Most Beneficial for Triple X Action

We get it: you’re a busy guy with a fairly active sex life. Keyword is “fairly.” You’re subjected to stress, long work hours, a slavedriving boss even, and the demands of daily personal life. Did you have any idea that a cock ring is a great weapon in getting back that hot sex you’ve lost or are in the brink of losing?

Though they have trouble getting or keeping it up, boner pills (clinically known as male enhancement drugs) are not the best and most viable option – they are considered rather serious enough for some issue fixing. Penile exercises and techniques, on the other hand, may be on the extreme side and entail a number of negative consequences when overdone. ‘

male enhancer cockring – size, style, and material involved – works on the principle of constriction to keep the male organ engorged and prepared for the long grind ahead. Cock rings are a thriving market, both in physical sex shops and adult stores on the Web. The problem, though, is that you may be overwhelmed by the massive selection of cockrings in stores, and even feel embarrassed to ask.

Here are some tips to consider if you’re a first-timer and would like to choose the best cock ring for man problems (or if you simply want improved manhood and steamier sex):

Research about men’s cock ring size, style, and other attributes. If you feel shy, think first of what kind of cock ring will suit your needs. You will more likely benefit most from the basic horseshoe cockring, which fits the male anatomy very well and can be adjustable. Next, visit an online store to survey prices, the right brand, and other qualities that you may consider, e.g. a clitoral stimulator to also benefit your female partner. Put all your choices together and start looking for one that will satisfy your requirements.
Get the right material. Jelly/rubber/silicone, for instance, may be easy to use and maintain. There are varieties, though, that has questionable components, like latex with phthalates. Glass may be chilled for some fun experimentation with temperature, but it tends to be slippery. Leather is nice, too, for the rough feel you may be seeking. Metal remains a favorite for many cockring users, especially stainless steel adjustable cock rings that offer the best fit and functionality.
Have yourself sized accordingly. All you need is a string and a rule and pi, plus a reliable sizing chart. You may also just use your fingers: wrap them around the base of your penis and balls while you’re hard. Do this until you get pressure that is firm yet comfortable. Mark with a pen on your hand where your fingers meet. Use this measurement for sizing needs in the physical adult shop or cock ring sites on the Internet.
DIY, too! You may create your own cock and ball torture if you’re up for it. Use a soft, fat shoelace and a slipknot you can use to effortlessly adjust the fit. Have a pair of safety scissors beside you. If you are one with quite a girth in your manhood, try to cut the inner ring out of a female condom. The possibilities are endless – just make sure you are following safety guidelines.

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